Introducing Smart Ring

Count Your beats

Telemedicine to provide healthcare to anyone, anywhere and anytime using a cloud based service.

Product Overview

List of amazing features


Tracks and takes care of your entire family's health through a smart preventive eco-system


The ring is encrypted with the secure ID of the patient to provide healthcare professionals to access the cloud storage data of all his encrypted medical data.

Lovely design

The Ring matches your style.The seamless medical-grade inner molding is non-allergenic for maximum wearing comfort.


The ring priced at three different price categories: Base, Standard and Premium. The customer can choose t he ring based on their requirments.

Dip Into The Details

Telemedicine to provide healthcare using a cloud based service.

True Beat will make the world’s first ever NFC (Near field communication ) ring or silicone band which measures the 5 vital signs for clinical medicine. which are pulse, consciousness, temperature, respiration rate and lastly the most important vital measurement which wasn’t done before is cuff less blood pressure measurement by combining the pulse measurement with a force sensor and calibrating it to get accurate results.

  • Pulse Rate
  • Consciousness

  • Temperature

  • Respiration

  • blood pressure

Dip Into The Details

Super easy to customize

  • The patient wears the band which monitors the usual fitness parameters from the wrist or from the finger (palmer arteries) if it’s a ring.
  • The patient uses the phone or tab to scan the NFC to securely access the telemedicine in which he has already registered.
  • A message alert signal is sent to the patient upon access.
  • The patient is then offered a list of doctors who are available.
  • Once the patient & doctor are connected, the patient grants access to his medical reports and history to the physician.